The O.M.R. S.R.L. Mechanical Workshop, founded by 1987 by the brothers Marco and Daniele Reggiani, operates in the third party mechanical processing sector and in particular in the milling and mechanical construction areas.

The O.M.R. S.R.L. also produce parts to design for third parties including all stages from the purchase of materials, or using materials supplied by customers on outside contract, up to surface finishing by external collaborators when required.

The extensive variety of types of items processed has allowed the company to accumulate experience over the years in diverse sectors including:

- Hydraulics
- Packaging
- Bottling
- Marking systems
- Machine tools

Our commonly processed materials include both metals and polymers with a particular specialization in stainless steel, aluminium alloys, and titanium.

Our capacity to work and process details, also of variable dimensions, is only possible thanks to our specially selected range of equipment offering high reliability and precision, including numeric control processing units, lathes, milling machines, and drills.

Constant technological and professional updating has permitted the company to maintain high quality production standards while delivering our customers’ orders in ever shorter times.

The company also has a CAD-CAM workstation.

The workshops extend over a floor space of about 1400 square meters, divided into production areas, warehouse, and offices.