Our wide range of equipment, flexibility, and many years of experience allows us to satisfy the needs of different and diverse product sectors including:

- Hydraulics
- Packaging
- Bottling
- Marking systems
- Machine tools

The processing options that we offer are:

- Traditional milling
- Numeric control milling
- Traditional turning
- Numeric control turning
- Mechanical construction
- Fitting and assembly of machinery and groups.

Our experience over the years means that we can handle any type of raw materials in our production processes, in the form of profile sections or castings.

The materials that we most commonly process are:

- Various varieties of iron and steel
- Stainless steel
- Aluminium and its alloys
- Copper, brass, and bronze
- Titanium
- Plastic materials
- Cast iron

We are specialized in processing that requires high precision tolerance and texture.

We conduct series processing, samples, and profile section processing in small quantities.

Based on our customer’s designs we can arrange direct supply of materials including certification.

We have a large warehouse for storing profile sections and a band saw that ensures a uniform cut up to 250 mm in diameter.